Turkey's first solar-powered gas station!

Shell & Turcas invested in the first station in Ankara. Thus, Shell Küçükesat station will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 30 percent. In addition, thanks to this station, which receives its energy from the sun, the contribution to the environment will grow exponentially every year and approximately 1000 trees will be brought to nature in 10 years.

Approximately 200 thousand kilowatt hours of energy consumption, which will provide 32 percent of solar energy from the Shell Ankara Smallesatistasyonunu for the transformation of 160 solar panels with 270 watt power was used.

Felix Faber, CEO of Shell & Turcas, has transformed Shell Küçükesat station in Ankara into electricity from solar energy. "We provide the conversion of solar energy Ankara Küçükesat Shell station, the electricity demand in Turkey was our first station that provides solar energy. In this way, our station will reduce carbon emissions by about 30 percent. Shell & Turcas Net Carbon Footprint to diversify our activities we undertake to reduce our tracks and we will continue to expand throughout Turkey, "he said.

Carbon footprint reduction efforts within the framework of the station's many innovations to life undergoing Shell & Turcas, so far, by changing the lighting in stations in Turkey, has reduced total carbon emissions annually 1,200 tons and 2601.5 MWh of energy savings. Shell & Turcas received the ‘Low Carbon Hero’ award at the Istanbul Carbon Summit organized by the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association (SÜT-D) for this project.