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Who We Are ?

CMA Energy is a young company that evaluates the experience of nearly 30 years of SIT Drilling companies in the solar energy sector as a solution partner of Zorlu Energy and adds value to its customers and stakeholders.
Realizing the first fuel station solar power plant in Turkey, our company serves to transform the advantages of the renewable energy legislation and the advantages offered by Zorlu Energy to its customers.
Aware of the fact that energy is produced with national resources, we are working hard to make the most of our country's most valuable resources.


As CMA ENERJİ, Zorlu Solar offers superior product, experience and warranty options in all of the design, implementation and operation phases of roof solar systems that will enable its customers to utilize the offsetting and purchasing surpluses provided to electricity consumers by the Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation.


Uzman kadromuz ile Türkiye’nin her bölgesinde, endüstriyel çatılarda güneş paneli kurulumu, projelerin tasarımı, anahtar teslimi ve kontrollerini gerçekleştiren Zorlu Solar ile ortak çalışma gerçekleştirmekteyiz. Zorlu Solar firmasının çözüm ortağı/CMA Enerji firması olarak, enerji sektöründe yenilikçi çözümler elde ederek büyümeyi hedeflemekteyiz.

Our experience

Founded in 1996, SİT Drilling has been designing, manufacturing and trading hydraulic machines used in drilling, mini pile and solar system construction.
Since 2015, 70 MW solar system installation has been done by Sit Sondaj and other group companies' solar energy system works;